Monday, November 4, 2019

Plastic Wrap Alcohol Ink Flower Pot

Alright, I might be a bit obsessed with the plastic wrap technique. I keep looking for items I can ink with this method. This week, I found a metal flowerpot in my craft stash that I purchased from Walmart earlier this year that I thought might just work.

I laid out my craft mat and a sheet of plastic wrap. I gathered up several bottles of  alcohol ink and dripped the ink out on the plastic wrap.

Once the plastic wrap has been covered in ink, I set the flower pot onto the center.

Then I folded the plastic wrap up the sides of the flower pot.

Then I folded the plastic wrap over the top and bottoms of the flower pot so that the ink would stay neatly in place while it dried over night.

The next day, the ink had clearly gotten considerably darker as it dried. It seems like the indigo blue ink has taken over, yet again. I carefully peeled off the plastic wrap and was pleasantly surprised how good the overwhelming blue looked against the silver/gray of the flower pot.

Another successful surface for the plastic wrap application method! I can't wait to find even more surfaces to try it out on.

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