Monday, November 25, 2019

House Colors Alcohol Ink and Vinyl Decal Decorative Tile

Over the last couple of weeks I've been using some black vinyl decals that I cut using my Silhouette cutting machine to decorate some ceramic tiles. This week I am using a decal of the Hogwarts crest, so I wanted to try to incorporate all of the house colors on the tile.

I started out by grabbing my craft mat, some alcohol inks that I thought best represented the house colors, and a can of air.

I ended up selecting at least two of each shade (two yellows for Hufflepuff, two reds for Gryffindor, two shades of green for Slytherin, and 3 shades of blue for Ravenclaw). I dripped the ink on the corner that would appear under their house mascot on the crest and then used the can of air to spray it to fill the corner. After I had the colors filling the corners, I used some gold ink in the center of the tile to appear under the H in the decal. I also used the gold ink to finish the edges of the tile. I dripped a little on a foam brush and tapped it onto the edge of the tile to cover any white showing through.

After the tile had dried for a few hours (though overnight would have been better), I sprayed it with some Kamar Varnish to seal the ink in place. Kamar Varnish is a nice thin sealant that doesn't react with the alcohol ink, but if you're planning to use the tiles as coasters or anything else that will need to be sealed well, you'll need to add another sealant over top. I am planning on using this tile decoratively, so the Kamar Varnish should do the trick.

After the ink and varnish dried, I cut out a piece of transfer tape the size of my Hogwarts decal.

I tried to center my decal on the transfer tape, but was only partially successful. I burnished the decal onto the transfer tape with my thumbnail to make sure the whole design stuck to the tape. I carefully peeled the decal and the transfer tape off of the decal's backing.

I applied the decal and transfer tape as centered as I could manage over the different colors on the tile and burnished the decal onto the tile with my thumbnail before peeling the transfer tape off of the design.

I was really pleased with how the colors turned out under each of the house mascots. I can't wait to try this one on a larger scale, but for now, I have the perfect little Hogwarts crest tile.

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