Spray Paint Marbled Bookmarks

A few weeks ago, we made another batch of Spray Paint Marbled Paper, so I've been trying to come up with projects to use the paper. A quick and easy project is to make them into bookmarks.

I used a rotary cutter to cut my marbled paper into strips. A paper cutter would also would be a great option. I opted to cut the bookmarks the width of my ruler and 6 inches long. 

After my paper was cut into strips, I used some mod podge to glue two similar strips together to make the bookmarks double sided. I used mod podge painted on very thinly with a brush--just enough to stick the two sides together, but not to get the paper wet. The glue didn't need to be perfect since I was planning on laminating the bookmarks. I set the glued bookmarks underneath a heavy book and let them dry. After they had dried for a couple hours, I trimmed any edges that didn't match up perfectly with a scissors.

Then I warmed up my laminator and placed the double-sided bookmarks into the laminating pouch with an inch-ish between each one.

This laminator sometimes needs a second run through the machine to make sure it gets a good seal, so I ran the plastic pouch through a second time. 

After the bookmarks were laminated, I carefully cut them out of the plastic leaving an edge to make sure the bookmarks stay sealed. You can punch a hole at the top and adorn these with tassels or ribbons if you like, but I kept them simple.


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