Marbled Tile Coasters

Last week I posted about creating more pages of spray paint marbled paper. So this week, I decided to make some coasters out of the paper. I used the same method I've used in the past with scrapbook paper.

All you need:
Patterned Paper or Card Stock (I used my marbled paper)
A cutting tool (you could use scissors or a paper cutter, but I had my rotary cutter and mat out)
4 inch Ceramic Tiles
Glossy Mod Podge 
A Foam Brush
Paper plate or sheet of Parchment (to protect your work surface)
Sheet of Craft Felt
Tacky Glue (or a hot glue gun to glue on the felt)

As mentioned in the supply list, I used my rotary cutter and cutting mat to cut the paper and felt for this project. You'll also need a straight edge of some kind. I measured my ceramic tiles at about 4 1/4 inches (they have a slight bevel or slant along the edge).

I went through my stacks of marbled paper and chose two sheets that had similar colors and cut four squares (at 4 1/8 inch) out of each sheet. Then I selected the 4 squares that I thought had the most interesting patterns to use. If you're using scrapbook paper, you can skip the extra squares.

I got out my mod podge, a foam brush, and a paper plate (to protect the table from glue).

I painted a thin layer of mod podge onto the ceramic tile and then placed my paper square onto the glue. Smooth from the center out. I usually use any excess glue on my brush on the edges of the paper before I glue it down to make sure the edges are secure. If your edges are loose, dab glue along the edges and smooth out carefully with your fingers.

Once the paper is adhered to the tiles, let it dry for an hour or so to make sure any wrinkles or bubbles smooth out completely. The marbled card stock wasn't entirely flat since it was soaked in waterin the marbling process, so it had a few wrinkles that smoothed out a bit as the mod podge dried.

Then I painted on thin sealing coats over the top of the paper and let them dry for for about an hour before coming back and repeating with a second coat. There were a few brush streaks in the photo above, I smoothed those out a bit before I let it dry so there weren't any ridges or opaque glue spots. Mod podge can, if soaked in water, become a bit gummy, so some folks opt to put a coat of acrylic sealer over the top of the mod podge to make it water safe. That being said, I haven't had any problems with regular sweating drink glasses making coasters gummy.

After my sealing coats had dried, I cut squares of white felt for the bottoms of the tiles. You can use little stick on felt circles or cork if you have some, but craft felt is the least expensive (and I have a bunch of it in my craft stash).

I used Tacky Glue to glue the felt onto the bottom of the tile. Hot glue also works well with felt if you don't have Tacky Glue in your stash.

After the glue for the felt had dried, I had a cool marbled set of coasters. It's so nice to be using that marbled paper for craft projects--I can't wait to make more!


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