Alcohol Ink Splashed Mugs

I've been itching to ink some white ceramic stuff that wasn't tiles for a very long time, so when I came across these plain white mugs at Big Lots, I picked them up knowing that I was going to ink them.

The mugs were a fairly matte finished white. I pealed the price stickers off and gave them a quick washing.

I wanted to keep the ink fairly minimal and let it flow onto the mug in stripes just along the bottom. I picked Turquoise ink from Ranger and dripped it onto the mugs. I kept the mugs horizontal while I was inking so the ink would drip around the mug. If it wasn't flowing as much as I wanted, I used a very small paint brush dipped in rubbing alcohol to get the ink flowing a bit more. Once I had a few stripes with some interesting blobs, I set it aside to dry and repeated it with the other mug. I had a few stray ink trails that I had to clean up with a paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol, but otherwise, it was pretty simple.

To break up the turquoise color, I added some Pinata gold ink in two loose stripes over the turquoise.The Pinata gold flows better than the Ranger gold does, so it worked pretty well for this, I just kept adding ink and turning the mug until it met up with the opposite end of the stripe.

I repeated the gold stripes on the other mug and ended up with two pretty inked mugs. It was a fun challenge to do a minimal design that only took up a small portion of the mugs, and I think they turned out pretty cool. However, I'm not really sure how best to seal them. I know I could put mod podge over them pretty easily (even a dishwasher safe version), but the matte finish of the mugs would be hard to match, and if I use these for beverages at all, it can't be applied to the whole mug. Also, since they are mugs, I'm not sure about getting the designs or the sealant hot. Anybody try a project like this and have advice about sealants? I'll keep you posted on what I end up trying!


  1. I did this exact same thing...used the Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe as directed...several coats as listed, let them sit for 28 days. Put them into the dishwasher, top rack. However....the paint bubbled and the Modge Podge lifted. What a total waste of time and product. I even did it the second time...just to see if it might be different....same thing. Won't be doing this again. Don't recommend this at all.

    1. Yeah, that dishwasher safe Mod Podge is probably best at hand wash. I haven't found anything that works perfectly for dishes yet.


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