Quick Craft: Electric Toothbrush Monograms

I've been using vinyl cut on my Silhouette for the last few projects on the blog, this one is just a quick little bonus. Hubby and I got some electric toothbrushes--but the same toothbrush. They do come with a little tiny colored ring to tell them apart, but I thought I could do better.

So I opened up the Silhouette Studio and typed in our initials and adjusted them for size and shape until I liked what I saw. I figured that if I was cutting out initials, I might as well fill the whole few inches of vinyl straight across the 12 inch width, so I threw a couple other designs on there that would be appropriate in blue (I'm sure they'll come up in some post later on) and cut it all out.

Cutting on vinyl is pretty easy once you have it set up. I used the recommended settings from the program and let it go. Once my designs were cut out, I cut the strip of vinyl off the roll.

There wasn't too much room on the toothbrush handles, so I kept it simple with one letter for each of us. The letters ended up being about 3/4 inch wide and a little over an inch tall. I cut them out of the vinyl and just peeled them off and stuck them on the toothbrushes like stickers--easy-peasy.


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