Pop Art Spock Valentine

As we're getting closer to Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share some Valentine's I made for a card exchange. I wanted geeky and friend themed, so Spock seemed like the obvious choice. :) I searched on Google images for pop art Spock designs and found this one by Tobias Woelki (follow the link to buy his prints). I used Word to add Spock's famous quote "I have and always shall be your friend," but added "Valentine" to the end. I used a font called Star Trek Future with a glowing effect that you can create in Word. You can find the font here: Star Trek Future Font Download.

I printed out my altered version of the art onto some card stock and neatly trimmed around it. Then I added double stick tape and applied it to a half-page printable greeting card blank.

I smoothed the design onto the front of the card and then went to work on the inside.

I used the same font with a glowing effect and wrote "Live long and prosper," but inserted a heart wingding instead of the "i" so it could be read as "Love long and prosper." Yep, terribly cheesy, but when else but Valentine's do you get to be that cheesy. :) I printed the words out onto some cardstock and then used the double stick tape to apply the print out to some red and white scrapbook paper that I had lying around. Then I glued the whole shebang into the center of the card.

The finishing touches were some hearts cut out of red glittered paper. I have two heart-shaped punches so, I applied two smaller and one larger heart to each card around Spock's head to give it a true Valentine-y feeling.

I ended up with exactly what I'd hoped--a nerdy friend themed Valentine. Happy V-day friends!


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