Recycled Peanut Container turned Condiment Canister

Just a quick recycle craft tutorial this week. You know you might have a problem when you need to make a special container for your hot sauce packets. That being said, I needed a special place for my hot sauce packets. :)

So I salvaged a peanut container from the recycling and made a label by finding a photo of some peppers and then searching for a transparent logo to drop over the top. I put it all together in word and added my own glowing text. Then I printed off the whole page onto regular printer paper (24lb white).

Then I cleaned the label off of the peanut container. It was a stubborn one. It required a trip through the dishwasher, scraping, goo gone, more scraping, more goo get the idea. But once it was clean I measured the area that the old label covered and cut my new label to size with a paper cutter. This particular container called for a 3 1/2 inch tall by 8 inch wide label.

Then I used a foam paintbrush to apply a thin layer of mod podge and applied my label.

I painted the glue onto the container and carefully wrapped the label around the front and sides of the container. Then I let it dry for a few minutes so the paper wouldn't be damp and likely to tear.

After it had had a little bit of time (say 10 minutes or so) to set, I then put a thin layer of mod podge over the whole label to seal it. Be careful not to brush aggressively on ink jet printed images--they can smear. I put a layer on with a light touch and then just smoothed out any areas that looked goopy. If you think it's not sealed enough, it's better to put on a thin layer and let it dry then to add more glue when it's wet. It would be much more likely to smear or tear.

I waited about 30 minutes before filling it with hot sauce and popping it in the fridge.


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