Monday, October 3, 2016

Duct Tape Covered Disinfectant Wipes Container

I'm knee deep in paper grading, so I have just a quick project to share with you this week. I had an empty disinfectant wipes container, and from past experience, I know that they make great bag containers. The last time I made one of these, I used tissue paper and mod podge, but I was looking for something even faster, so duct tape it is.

I grabbed a cutting mat and a rotary tool along with two rolls of duct tape--a solid color and a print. I measured my container and found out it was just under 8 inches tall (from base to lid) and about 10 inches around.

So I made a sheet of duct tape that was 8 inches by 11 inches (for good measure). I laid my strips of the solid color along the bottom and a single row of my print tape at the top. I picked this print because it had a little yellow in it to coordinate with the lid.

Then I used the rotary cutter to trim the edges to make a nice neat square of duct tape. Next, I carefully peeled the sheet of tape off of the mat.

I lined the edge of the tape up with a seam in the plastic and the top edge of the container. Then I carefully smoothed it onto the container. I had a little extra tape at the bottom that I folded over the bottom edge.

When I was all done, I stuffed it full of some store bags. You can toss it in a drawer or cabinet or even in the trunk of your car. I even put a roll of tall kitchen bags in one to take camping and it works great!  And if you want your store bags to pull out neatly, you can even go through the trouble of rolling them up like I did the very first time I covered up a wipes container

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