Monday, October 24, 2016

Alcohol Ink and Plastic Wrap on a Glass Bottle

I found this fabulous decorative wine bottle at Dollar Tree, and I just had to bring it home and ink it, but I didn't know exactly what I should do with it. Dripped rainbow ink looks fabulous on glass, but I wasn't sure it would look awesome on this bottle. Stamping is always an option, but I didn't know how it would look with all of the ridges and details on the glass. So, I decided to try a new (to me) technique using plastic wrap that I had seen on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I never did find a complete tutorial, so I was just winging it.

I knew the colors would mix together, so I picked ones that were adjacent to each other on the color wheel so they wouldn't turn into a muddy brown mess. I grabbed some blues, a purple, and a teal. I spread out a sheet of plastic wrap (just some cheap stuff I had in the cupboard) onto my craft mat.

Then I dripped a bunch of ink randomly onto the plastic wrap.

To thin the ink down just a bit, I dripped some rubbing alcohol onto the ink.

Then I wrapped my vase in the plastic wrap. I made sure it was wrinkled and a bit lumpy when I applied it. Then I peeled it off and wrapped it up the neck of the bottle to cover the whole bottle.

After the first application, it was mainly blue and not completely covered (especially around the neck of the bottle where I had reapplied the plastic). So I repeated the same exact procedure again with some darker blue and a little more purple and green to try and give it a bit more dimension. I peeled it up and replaced it any place where the color hadn't covered enough until I was satisfied. I might have even dripped a bit more ink on at one point--It was hard to take photos of these steps since it's a two-handed type of process (and there was ink all over my hands by this point).

In the end, I really love the way it turned out. It's almost iridescent! I can't wait to try the technique on some other surfaces!

What I learned: 

If you don't like getting ink on your hands--it's very hard to keep your hands clean with this method--you may want to wear gloves. 

You may want to try using a bottle or vase or whatever that you can completely cover with a single sheet of plastic wrap (this bottle was just a bit too big in either direction). 

If you're not happy with the way it's turning out, just keep peeling up the plastic and adding ink until you like the way it looks. Since I was using those analogous colors, it never looked like there was a point of no return.

And if it does feel completely off, glass is a pretty forgiving surface to ink--just wash it with some rubbing alcohol and start again.

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