Alcohol Ink Decorated Metal Picture Frame

I stumbled across this metal frame in a box in my basement. It had a little ding in the side from falling off of the shelf it was on, and some scuffs and scratches from general wear and tear, so I decided to decorate it with some alcohol ink. The last time I decorated a photo frame with alcohol ink, it was painted, so I thought this would be nice to try a metal one. Especially since this one was destined for the thrift pile. 

I took apart my frame and set aside the glass and the backing and rolled out my craft mat. I grabbed some bright shades of alcohol ink and dripped the ink onto my applicator. I made one solid pass around the frame and dripped a little more ink on to make another pass. 

When I was satisfied with the texture of the ink, I pulled the felt off of the applicator block and used my finger to push it into the rounded corners. You will get ink on your fingers if you chose to do this. Getting ink on my hands doesn't bother me much as you can usually wipe most of it off with rubbing alcohol, and what doesn't come off will fade pretty quickly. But, if it does bother you, you might want to wear some gloves.

When I was done with all of my color, I used a q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean the sides of the frame, which I left as plain metal.

After it was dry, I thought it was a great frame for my monarch butterfly photo I took last fall. Remember if you're frame is going someplace other than a high shelf, you may want to spray it with acrylic sealer to protect the alcohol ink. If it's not handled much, though, it should hold up pretty well without it.


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