Campfire Eclairs

I keep seeing photos and posts online about what are essentially the same campfire dessert: campfire tarts, dough boys, woof'ems, campfire eclairs, etc... They are all made by roasting biscuit or crescent roll dough (I've also seen it done with bisquick) on a stick of some kind over the fire. Then you slide it off of the stick and fill it with whatever your heart desires. I had wanted to try them out for a while. I was going to make the sticks that were explained on this website. But I couldn't find the charger for my drill, so when we went camping, I just threw the dowel rod in the car and off we went.

Before I stretched my biscuit over the end of the stick, I soaked it in some vegetable oil and and made sure to wipe it down with the oil before each new biscuit. The first biscuit I tried, was doughy in the center--too doughy to eat, so I scrapped it and tried again. I tried to stretch it thinner and handed it off to my husband, who is much more patient, to roast it higher over the flame. The thinner dough ended up with holes in it and was still a bit under done inside, so the third time was the charm. 

To cook the biscuit, hold them a good 1-2 feet above a fire that is mostly coals and turn as it cooks. It took us about 10 minutes of roasting to get a done biscuit. We noticed that if you roasted it well above the fire until the edge of the biscuit started to lift off of the dowel, then you could lower it to brown it over the fire, and have a pretty done biscuit to work with.

You can use a butter knife to loosen the edges and scrape the dough pocket off of the stick, then spoon your filling in while the dough is still warm. We used vanilla pudding and chocolate frosting, but you could use whatever you'd like.

They were tasty when done, but took a long time to cook and required a great deal of patience. We used grands biscuits because we couldn't find the regular sized ones when we were shopping and would probably try using smaller biscuits or crescent dough to see if it would take less time to cook and be less doughy in the process. Any suggestions for other fillings?  

Happy camping!


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