Monday, March 30, 2015

Mod Podge and Tissue Paper Easter Candles

I've been slowly making these decorated altar candles from Dollar Tree for every major holiday.  I started with Halloween, then Christmas/Winter, and Valentine's Day.  I had two left in my stash and I came across some cute tissue paper with Easter eggs on it at Walmart, and I knew what I was doing next. I figured I'd jazz it up a bit by applying a larger egg down at the bottom of the candle. I had already applied colored cut outs to white paper (with the Valentine's candles), but I hadn't tried it over patterned paper.

First I soaked the bottoms of my candles in the kitchen sink to loosen the sticky labels. I used a plastic dish scraper to get the labels off once they were wet, and they came right off--I didn't even need to use goo gone. Then I printed an egg template out on some cardstock that was a similar shape to the ones on the tissue paper and cut out some solid colored eggs to apply over top of the patterned paper. The trickiest part was cutting the thin paper so that there weren't any jagged edges. Then I grabbed a two inch wide piece of tissue paper and lined it up in the middle of my egg template and cut the rounded edges.  Then I cut my zig zags for the center of the egg.

Then I cut my egg tissue paper to fit the altar candles and applied mod podge to the glass candle holder along the seam and tapped the paper in place. Once the paper was on, I let it dry for 10 minutes before applying the egg.

I used the same method for applying the egg, I carefully painted on some glue and tapped the egg into place at a slight angle. Then I let it dry for a few minutes before applying the zig zags.

After the glue had set up a bit, I lined up my zig zags and painted some glue on and tapped them into place. I used a scissors to trim any excess that went over the edge. I then let the stripes set for a few minutes before putting a coat of mod podge over the whole surface to seal all the edges down and smooth everything into place. I may sound a bit like a broken record when I say to wait between each layer to let it set up and dry a bit, but it makes a huge difference on how easy it is to work with the fragile tissue paper. Even if you just let it sit for a few minutes, it's better than diving it and trying to work with the paper when it's wet.

I think they turned out pretty springy and cute, but if I were to make another set, I'd probably use higher contrast colors for the stripes on the eggs and tilt the eggs to be at opposite angles (tilted towards each other would be cute). I might even double up the eggs so they appear more solid over top of the pattern. These new ideas give me a great reason to burn these candles and enjoy them over the holiday so I can make another set a couple of Easters from now. :)

Happy Easter from Sarah Jane's Craft Blog!

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