Thrift Store Makeover: Paper Mache Reindeer

The Holiday season has officially begun. I know it's still early, but I gotta get a jump on my crafting before crunch time.  Besides, I found this paper mache reindeer way back last spring at the Goodwill Outlet (where they bring all the crap that doesn't sell and can't be recycled from the area Goodwills and let people fill up their carts and pay by weight). Paper Mache is light and I could see his potential, so I tossed him in my cart. I'm sure I paid like a quarter for it. Upon closer examination of my new reindeer, I noticed he had a crack in one of his antlers. This is what he looked like before:

So my first step was fixing the crack in his antler. I put some tacky glue in the crack (figuring a slightly flexible glue would work better, but elmers probably would have worked fine). After I let the glue dry, I set about making my reindeer a little antler bandage.

I grabbed some white tissue paper and my Mod Podge.  I ripped some small strips of tissue paper and applied them with the mod podge.  I covered the antler with a few layers of paper and let it dry. Good as new!

Then I set about giving the reindeer his makeover.  I figured spray painting it would be easier than trying to cover that patterned paper, so I dropped it in a cardboard box and sprayed it silver.

When it was all dry, I made a new bow for it's neck from my stash of ribbons I picked up after Christmas on clearance.  I just happened to have a nice little silver and white bow.  Now he's all ready for Christmas--but maybe we can hold off on winter coming back for a little while longer.


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