Spray Painted Plastic Flower Pot Refresh

I'm still crazy busy with school this semester.  So here's another quick project.  I grabbed a couple of sad looking flower pots that were the same shape and size but were two different colors and totally beaten up.  I took the drain tray off the bottoms and washed dirt off of the pots.

Next I grabbed a few cardboard boxes and a can of black spray paint and went out onto the deck and gave them several coats.  Thin coats work the best on plastic, so don't be discouraged if it doesn't look like it's covering right away, just let it dry and keep on putting coats on until it's a good solid color.

Since it's fall here, I picked up some matching mums to plant in my newly refreshed flower pots, but the local Home Depot was pretty picked over and these sad plants look a bit like weeds right now. Hopefully with a little TLC I'll have have some flowers that look as nice as my newly painted pots!


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