Alcohol Ink Terra Cotta Pot

The Fall semester is in full swing.  I have a full load of classes and papers are coming in, so what's the best medicine? Why a quick craft of course!

Back when I was painting my ombre terra cotta pots, I found one that I had painted silver (by hand with craft paint), but it was beginning to chip and look a little sad in places, so I grabbed some silver spray paint and gave it a good coat to shine things up.

After my pot was painted, I set out my craft mat and grabbed my alcohol inks. I didn't want to overwhelm the pot with color, and I didn't know how well the ink would work on this surface, so I decided to just color the rim of the pot and see how it looked.

I picked out some bright complimentary colors and dotted them on to my applicator.  Then I applied them around the rim and onto the top edge of the pot.  To avoid the colors getting muddied and mixing, I grabbed a second piece of felt and dabbed on some colors to brighten and fill in what I had inked in my first pass.  After two trips around the pot, I was satisfied with the color.  

The ink didn't stipple and sit on the surface as much as it does on some super smooth surfaces, but it still turned out super cute. So after letting it dry a few minutes, I took it outside to seal it up.  I used a matt clear acrylic sealer and made a couple of passes by turning the box around and spraying along the rim of the pot.

Afterward, I ended up with a bright and shiny new decorated pot--now I just have to figure out what to do with it.


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