Memory Glass Sun Catchers

A while back, Tuesday Morning had boxes of Memory Glass on sale for 99 cents a box.  I picked up a few shapes and styles figuring that I'd find something to do with them eventually.  Well I saw an interesting tutorial to create a faux leaded edge with embossing powder that I knew I had to try.  So I made some little sun catchers.

I picked out some stamps from my collection that would fit on the little square.

I carefully set the square on top of the stamp.  It smudges and smears easily on the glass so the glass needs to be set on, pressed down and lifted up carefully (I learned that the hard way).

The stamp turned out a little thin across the top, but there is there enough to emboss.

Then I scooped clear embossing powder and let it cover the ink.  I tapped as much of it off as possible.

Then I used the heat gun to set it (the photo of heating it up on my cork trivet turned out blurry, so you just get the finished product).

Next up, the leaded edges.  I used double sided tape folded along the edges to create a faux metal edge.

This time I scooped up silver embossing powder onto the front and back edges of the tape.

Once the tape was completely coated, then I used the heat gun to liquify the embossing powder.

Heat one side, then let it set just long enough for it to cool enough to touch and flip it over and heat the back side.  Be sure to heat it on a surface that you're ok with getting a little embossing powder on as it may stick as you heat it up.  Move it off of your heat proof surface to a nonstick surface as soon as possible to finish cooling (I got a little cork on one of mine because I didn't).

When they were all finished, they looked like they had a metal edge.  It did also end up glittering most of the glass squares with a little silver, but it still turned out pretty nifty for just double stick and embossing powder.

After they were done, I dug out some jewelry wire and wired up a square around each and a little loop at the top.  I haven't ever really worked with wire this way, so I'm sure something even cuter could be whipped up with some practice, but as it was my first time, I did my best with something pretty basic.
Then I was able to hang them up in the front window with some suction cups.


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