Duct Tape Shoebox Charging Station

After successfully covering some boxes in duct tape to make some simple storage boxes, I got the idea to make a charging station out of a shoe box and some duct tape.  I figure it was cheap, easy, and had to be better than the pile of cords near my husband's night stand.

The first step was to take a shoebox from a large pair of shoes and cut slits in it.  I cut a slit in the back that was large enough for my powerstrip's cord and 6 slits in the front of the box for the 6 outlets on the powerstrip.  After measuring the box, I realized that I could cut the slits 2 inches apart for an even look.  I just used a scissors to cut them, and though I tried to get them straight, it was hard to cut the cardboard.  I wasn't too worried about it since I knew I was covering it up with duct tape and that would even things out a bit.

Once all of the slits were cut, I ripped some 3-4 inch long pieces of duct tape and wrapped them around each of the sections of cardboard.  I figure out that the easiest way to finish the top was just to fold the top over and then fold the sides in.  If I needed to, I could put a piece of tape on the back.  It was way easier than cutting the tape to fold it.

After all of the sections of cardboard were covered (see a bit more even after the tape) I covered the rest of the box.  I tried to be as neat as possible, but depending on the shape and size of your box, you'll probably have to wing it a bit.  If something ends up looking a bit messy, just cover over it with a strip of tape. The black tape is pretty forgiving.

When I was all done with the bottom of the box, I covered the lid with black tape and then covered the edge of the lid with some galaxy print tape that I just bought for a little punch of color.

When it was all done, I plugged in some of his devices and set them on top.  It works out perfectly and was super cheap and easy.


  1. I enjoyed going thru your blog and craft ideas, and look forward to following you!

  2. Thanks! I have so much fun coming up with new projects to try. :)


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