Monday, June 2, 2014

As Seen on Pinterest: Bathroom Cleaning System

I went to Dollar Tree and picked up a caddy and a basket.  I put a disinfectant spray, glass spray, and toilet bowl cleaner and a bunch of rags in my caddy.  Then you can quickly hit each of your bathrooms without having to stop and start and look for cleaners.  When you're done with your rags, just toss them in the basket to put in the laundry.  With a fresh supply of rags you can keep cleaning even if one gets gunky or full of hair--just grab a fresh one.  The whole process made cleaning my bathroom a breeze! 

I purposely shopped for smaller bottles that would fit nicely in my caddy.  The canned glass cleaner works great, but you could easy put the cheap stuff in a smaller spray bottle too. I did notice, though, that I wanted some disinfecting wipes, so I added that to my caddy.  My caddy would be better if it were just a smidge bigger, and I'd love to have a caddy that fit neatly into my basket so I could store the whole thing in my linen closet and grab them both when I am ready to clean, but otherwise the whole setup works great!

I picked up one of these microfiber cloths for cleaning glass at Dollar Tree (they come in a blister pack on blue cardboard and are usually found in the cleaning section) and it worked so well that I took a picture of it. (I also bought two more of them.)  They would be a great addition to your cleaning caddy. 

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