Monday, June 23, 2014

Alcohol Ink Pillar Candles

This is one of the few alcohol ink projects floating around the internet with some regularity that I hadn't yet tried.  Most of the examples of alcohol ink decorated candles involved just dripping the ink on, but I wanted to try applying it with the applicator instead.  So I bought a couple of white candles at Wal-Mart and brought out my craft mat, alcohol ink, and applicator. I wanted to go with blues (as seen above), but after a first swipe looked really boring, I wiped it off with a napkin soaked in rubbing alcohol and tried again with the colors you see below.  I used 5 Adirondack Ink colors (Purple Twilight, Sailboat Blue, Citrus, Stream, and Wild Plum) to decorate my candles.

I started out by applying the Citrus, Sailboat Blue, and Purple Twilight.  I dropped a few drops of each onto half of my applicator and stamped around the candle to get a nice base color.  

I decided the green looked a bit yellow and replaced it with the Stream color (which is a dark teal) for the second pass and added Wild Plum to kick up the purple a bit. I dropped those colors onto the other half of my applicator and went over the candle a second time.

I liked the way it turned out, so I tried to do the same thing for my larger candle, unfortunately because I had to reapply ink to the pad for the larger candle, the colors blended together more which meant the two candles don't match even though I used the same colors in the same order.  If I try this again, I'll make a point to switch to a new piece of felt to try to match the candles.

The larger candle has a much more blended and saturated look.  It's pretty, just very different from the first candle.  So I probably won't be displaying these candles together, but they are definitely easy, quick, and turn out cute.

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