Monday, November 11, 2013

Washi Tape Pencils

A few weeks ago I spotted a cute craft that I knew I needed to try: Washi Tape Pencils! They looked quick, easy, and cute--that's my kind of craft.  So I picked out some smooth round hardwood pencils from my stash of office supplies (What, you don't have a stash of office supplies?  Well then these are the ones I used.)

Next, I picked out some washi tape from my collection that I thought would cover well enough that you wouldn't see the black of the pencil (or the printed logo on the side of the pencil) through the tape.  I then stuck the tape along the metal eraser edge of the pencil and ran the tape down to the end, being careful to center the pencil in the middle of the tape as I went so it wouldn't go on crooked. I trimmed the tape off with my scissors.  Then I smoothed the tape onto the pencil and repeated the process on the opposite side.

When I was done I had a covered pencil.  Cute for jazzing up any office pen cup and putting a smile on your face the next time you need to use a pencil. 

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