Alcohol Ink Glass Ornaments

Last week I watched a video from Ranger (the folks who make alcohol inks) of a project where you drip ink into a glass ornament and then spray it around with a can of air.  It looked easy and fun, so I thought I'd give it a try!

If you want to try it out too, you'll need: alcohol inks, glass ornaments, and a  can of air with a straw on the nozzle.

Start out with your plain glass ornaments. Drip 3-5 drops of alcohol ink into the ornament. You can then swirl it around a bit if you'd like, or you can just stick the straw from the can of air into the ornament and spray and see what happens.

You get something that looks like the pink ornament above once you've blown it around with the air. I left the pink one alone for a few minutes while I worked on a second ornament so that I could let the pink ink dry a bit and not mix quite as much with the next color I put in the ornament. Then I layered the ink until the inside was covered.

I ended up with beautiful rainbow colored ornaments with a swirl of transparent color inside.  They took just about 15 minutes to make two ornaments--so it's a quick and easy project.  I wish I had some inks that were in more "Christmasy" colors, but the rainbow effect turned out very pretty and I can't wait to hang them on my tree when I set it up this weekend.

I made some more of these great ornaments with some slightly different techniques.  Check out the revisit here.


  1. Will the clear acrylic balls work as well or do you have to use glass?


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