Glitter Ornaments

Most projects you see posted on the internet are not as easy as they appear.  Sometimes, the simple directions turn into a disaster.  This is not one of those projects.  These glitter ornaments are just as easy as all of the online articles make them seem.  Just swish around some floor wax inside the ornament, and the glitter sticks right to it.

For this project you need:
Clear Glass Ornaments
Floor Wax (it's not really wax, but it's the stuff that makes your floors shine--not degreaser or cleanser)

The only "catch" to this project is that the floor wax stuff costs about $5 a bottle--and that's the cheap stuff.  Of course, you use very little in the ornaments, and you can shine the floor with the leftovers.  I bought this brand because it was less expensive than some others, it is safe for laminate floors (which I have), and has a pull spout at the top that will make squirting into the ornament easier.

Squirt about a teaspoon of floor cleaner in your ornament.  Swirl it around so that it has covered the inside of the ornament.

Then dump out the excess.  This bottle's opening was just the right size to rest it on top as it drained. :)

Next, use a funnel (or folded sheet of paper) to put glitter in the ornament.  I made one solid colored ornament with moderately fine glitter (from the dollar section at Michael's) and one with red and green glitter that came in a five pack from the dollar store.  I thought for sure that I would need to use the expensive super fine glitter that I have been saving for a special project, but the cheap stuff worked great.  The finer glitter covers a little better, but you can make it work with anything you have on hand. Swirl the glitter around  until it covers the entire ornament, add extra if you need to.  Then dump out any glitter that hasn't stuck to the sides of the ornament.

After your ornaments have been effectively swirled and covered with glitter.  Set them someplace safe to dry without their cap on for a while.

Replace the cap after an hour or two and hang on your tree. These ornaments are super easy and I'm really pleased with how well they turned out.  They sparkle beautifully on the tree.


  1. its so colorful...
    looking awesome....
    i surely try to make it at my home...


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