Monday, July 30, 2018

Photo Coasters

Last week, I made a quote tile by printing onto tissue paper and decoupaging it onto a ceramic tile. Well, it's my anniversary week and I made a few extra sheets of card stock covered with the tissue I decided to make some photo coasters using old wedding photos.

I cropped my photos to 4 1/4 inches square--the size of my ceramic tiles from Home Depot. and printed them out onto a piece of tissue paper that had been taped over a piece of card stock. Then I set the photos aside to dry.

I cut my photos out while still on the card stock and grabbed my mod podge and a foam brush.

I painted on a thin layer of mod podge and carefully set the tissue paper photos onto the glue. I squared up the bottom edge and then just tapped it into place from the bottom up. Be sure your fingers stay dry because the tissue paper is very fragile and tears easily when it is wet with glue. Then I set the tiles aside to dry for about an hour.

After the glue has set, you can come back over the top with a sealing coat of mod podge. Brush on enough glue so that the brush doesn't drag too much across the printed photos because the ink can smear. Even out the glue and make sure the brush strokes are roughly going the same direction and then set it aside to dry.

I stuck some little felt circles on the back of my tiles, but you could also cut a square of felt and glue it to the back with hot glue or tacky glue. If you plan on using your tiles for very sweaty drinks, you may want to add a coat of outdoor mod podge or acrylic sealer, but regular mod podge seems to hold up well for regular use on coasters (I've made quite a few over the years). If you want a less rustic and slightly wrinkly photo, you could also print your photos out on matte photo paper and decoupage it to the tiles for a crisper look.

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