Alcohol Ink Candle Plate

Just sharing a really quick project with you today as school is starting this week. A few months ago I grabbed this textured candle plate at Dollar Tree with the intention of figuring out a way to ink it. Well, after living with it a while, I decided I really liked the texture and didn't really want to obscure it with color, so instead, I just jazzed up the edge a bit.

I grabbed some of one of my favorite colors of alcohol ink--sailboat blue--and my craft mat and applicator. I dripped some blue ink onto a felt and stamped around the edge of the plate until it started to separate just a bit and created a sort of mottled look, but still had good coverage.

Then I let it dry and that was it. It was a super simple project. I plan to use the candle plate as a catch all for jewelry or coins, but you could certainly still use it for candles. If it's going to be in an area near hairspray, perfume, or alcoholic beverages, be sure to seal your creations with mod podge or clear acrylic spray so the ink doesn't run.


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