Alcohol Ink Decorated Pressed (Textured) Glass Bowl

I was at Dollar Tree the other day, and I was looking for things to use alcohol ink on that I hadn't yet. It's a strange sort of affliction: "Could I put alcohol ink on that?" "What about that?" I was looking for a plain glass plate as I haven't inked any plates yet, but they didn't have any, but they did have this pretty pressed bowl. I haven't done any bowls yet, and I certainly haven't inked anything that had this much texture, so I figured it was worth a dollar for the experiment.

I grabbed some inks, my craft mat, my applicator (I made my own) and some felt.

I picked twilight purple, sailboat blue, and pool to start. I dripped the colors onto my felt (three or four drops of each color to start).

I made a first pass with those colors and wasn't getting too much coverage. I had to stamp a lot and press fairly hard to get it onto all of the raised areas of the bowl's design.

I kept adding drops of ink and added a few additional colors to add depth to the colors (raspberry, clover, and a tiny bit of watermelon). It took quite a bit of stamping, but since I kept the colors all on the cool side of the color wheel, I was able to keep the same felt for the whole stamping process.

You can see after I got most of the bowl covered, there were still some raised areas that weren't inked. I had to go back over with more ink to make sure that all of the raised areas had color on them. Then I added a couple dots of raspberry pink to brighten up some of the darker areas. When I was finished with adding color, I put a little rubbing alcohol on the corner of a paper towel and I cleaned up any ink that got on the glass above the textured pattern.

I was really happy with how it turned out. It took a bit more ink and a bit more pressure than most glass projects do, but it came out really cool. The ink sits on top of the textured design and highlights it. It turned into a really neat decorative bowl. If you plan to handle your bowl or keep it near any alcohol based liquids, be sure to seal it with some spray sealer or mod podge.


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