Monday, September 26, 2016

Favorite Fall Crafts

After most of September being quite warm, some cooler crisper air has finally settled in for this week. Since it's starting to feel like fall, I thought I'd share some of my favorite fall posts to help get us all in the spirit of the season. I know I needed some coaxing after last week's hot and humid air.

First off is a Halloween inspired metal flower pot that was turned into a Jack-o-lantern with the help of some alcohol ink and a little painter's tape cut into the classic face shapes. I fill it with the candy that we're allowed to eat so I don't dive into the trick-or-treater's stash.

Next is an autumn inspired pen bouquet. All you need for this one is silk flowers, floral tape, and some stick pens. I gathered it all in a terracotta pot that I had painted orange and red ombre with spray paint. These make great gifts for anyone who works in an office!

Another one of my favorites is this collection of paper pumpkins made out of scrapbook paper strips and metal brads. These create quite the impact for the cost of just a few sheets of decorative paper.

Next are the sun catchers I made out of fall leaves that I ran through my laminator. If you can't get enough of the reds and golden oranges of turning leaves, one way to preserve them (at least for a season) is to laminate them.

And lastly, is one of my first attempts at a traditional silk flower wreath for fall. Time to go hang it on the door!

You can see all of my fall inspired crafts here: Sarah Jane's Craft Blog Fall Crafts Collection.


  1. Love all of these. I had to smile at your flower pot of pens. My daughter is a teacher and keeps pens like these in a pot on her desk. she says it keeps her students from forgetting to return a borrowed pen, especially the boys! She changes flowers with the seasons. Great crafts, enjoyed your blog very much.

    1. Thanks! I made my first flower pot full of pens for my Mom (she was a 2nd grade teacher).