Monday, July 25, 2016

Embossing Foil Tape

Earlier this month I embossed aluminum foil with my Cuttlebug, so now I want to try to emboss aluminum tape (like the kind you buy at a hardware store) to see if it's as easy and has results that are as good as the regular aluminum foil.

Because of the paper backing on the tape, the foil holds its emboss very well. All you have to do is cut a piece to fit inside your embossing folder. I ran it through using the traditional plate order for embossing: A spacer plate, B plate, embossing folder with your tape inside, and another B plate on top. It gave a nice clean emboss with a single run through on the machine.

After I had successfully proved that the foil tape ran through the machine perfectly, I thought I'd try to cut out a shape using a Cuttlebug die. It didn't cut as neatly as the foil did. The edges weren't quite as neatly cut, but the shape came out without any problems.

Now that I know the foil tape runs through the machine so well, I can't wait to use it in more projects--especially with it's sticky backing--the sky's the limit!


  1. Wow if only I could buy this already embossed design on a roll it would make life a lot easier for me when making Wedding Cake stands!!!

    1. Oooh! This tape would be cool under cakes! Hope you find a way to make it work!