DIY Scarf Hanger

I had this spare package of plastic shower curtain rings (they came with a shower curtain liner that I picked up on clearance for 2 dollars) and I needed a better way to store my scarves in the closet, so a quick DIY project for a scarf hanger seemed like a great idea. 

I took the curtain rings out of the package and popped them onto a hanger. I chose a hanger that was a bit sturdier (for a plastic one--I'm sure a wooden hanger would work even better, but I didn't have a free one).

After the rings were on, I strung my scarves through the rings, and voila! This was a super easy and quick solution to my scarf storage problem. It isn't perfect though, as the rings slide to one side and make the hanger tilt pretty easily. I may have to use some twist ties or zip ties to make one on each end and one in the middle fixed so that they don't all slide, if it works, I'll take another picture and post it.


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