Painting Ceramic Tiles with Alcohol Ink

I recently ordered some water pens and wanted to try one out with rubbing alcohol in it to paint with alcohol inks. I've dripped and blown and stamped alcohol ink on just about everything I could think of, so I wanted to try out painting. I grabbed a couple 4x4 ceramic tiles (as they are cheaper than glossy card stock and Yupo to practice on--and they are easy to wipe off with a paper towel and some rubbing alcohol if you don't like what you've done), a plastic palette, my craft mat, and my alcohol inks and got to work.

I filled my medium water pen with alcohol ink and dripped several colors of alcohol ink onto the palette. You only need a couple of drops to make a painting. Just like painting with watercolors, if you end up not using some of your ink, you can re-wet it with alcohol later--so there's no waste. After figuring out how the brush painted, I filled one of the reservoirs on my palette with alcohol ink for cleaning off the brush between colors. I also used a napkin to wipe the brush off.

I opted for a simple reflected sunset for my first project. Start with a wide stripe of yellow (sunshine yellow).

Then a stripe of orange (sunset orange) on either side of your yellow. Overlap the colors a bit so that they mix.

Then a stripe of red (watermelon) on either side of the orange.

Next is purple (purple twilight) on either side of the red.

And then I finished off with some blue (sail boat blue).

Then I came back with some of the colors or even an clean brush to drag lines across the tile and mix the colors a bit more. Then I finished off with a thinned down yellow to create a sun.

I made a couple of these sunset tiles. When I was done, I sprayed them with some clear acrylic sealer. The sealer did create a fine mist on the tile, so hold it far away from the tile when you spray. This was a really fun project, and I can't wait to get better at painting with alcohol inks. I hope to create some more complicated projects in the future.


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