Duct Tape File Pocket

Midterms are due by the end of the day today.  I've been grading my butt off for weeks.  So it seems appropriate that I whip up a very quick school related craft so that I can get back to grading.

In one of my classes I'm using one of these manilla folder pockets to hold a folder for each student that they can put homework in and take homework out of once it's graded.  The system has been working pretty well, but the pocket...that's another story.

The sides are starting to fall apart.  So before I have a major malfunction, I figured it was time to tape it up. Of course if I'm gonna tape it up, I might as well make it look pretty.

I decided on black and white stripes of duct tape with an accent strip at the top.  I started by striping the black and white along the front side. I cut the duct tape just long enough to overlap onto the sides and carefully placed it along the bottom fold. I alternated the tape until there was room for just one more stripe at the top.  Then I put my accent stripe on.  

I repeated the process on the back side and then ran two strips of black tape across the bottom and one strip up each of the sides. I trimmed away any excess tape on the top of the folder, put a couple of pieces of tape on the inside where the corners had been ripped, and I was good to go.  And there you have it, a quick project for school. Now this file pocket should last through the end of the semester.


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