Paint Chip Bookmarks

If you follow craft posts online, you know that projects using paint chips have been very popular lately.  This is my first foray into the paint chip project world.  I am painting our extra room in a shade of lavender.  So we went to the local Home Depot and snagged every card in a shade of purple that they had.  Needless to say...I ended up with about 10 extra paint chips after I had narrowed it down to my favorites (that's a lot of shades of light purple!).  So I thought I'd make a simple project with the leftovers.

Behr Paint Chips are larger than most (almost 5 inches wide!) which allowed me to cut off the parts with text on either side and still make a 2 inch wide bookmark.  After I cut them with my paper cutter, I decorated them with some stamps and ink.  Then I searched for some paper to cover the writing on the back of the bookmark.  I just happened to have this lovely shade of purple in a scrap pack that was exactly the right size (but I could have cut up any colored paper pretty easily too).

I used a little double-sided tape to attach the two sides together (you'll want to glue the two sides together if you don't plan on laminating them).

Then I used this project as an excuse to dig out my laminating machine that I received as a Christmas present (my husband's nanowrimo bookmark snuck in too since I had extra room).  You could also easily use packing tape or clear contact paper to laminate the bookmarks instead.  I punched holes in the top of the bookmark before laminating, and then I punched them again afterwards.  It worked pretty well, and I imagine it wouldn't have been quite as easy if I hadn't done it before hand.

Afterwards you end up with some schnazzy (and durable) bookmarks that could easily be given as gifts to your favorite bibliophiles.  Next time I'm shopping for paint, I might snag some colors other than lavender though :).


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