Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Themed Felt Flower Wreath

I've been on a bit of a felt flower kick lately. They are super easy and inexpensive, so it's hard to say no to making more.  This wreath was originally inspired by a wreath I saw on Pinterest that took a dollar store wreath and spray painted it.  So that's where I started, with one dollar store wreath and some spray paint.

After I successfully painted the wreath orange, I opted for making some orange and black felt flowers since the orange would be lost on the background of the wreath and the black would be so dark that you wouldn't be able to see the details.  Cut two circles of felt the same size and stack the strips up as you roll them up. (For more pictures of this process, see my first felt flower project)  The flower below started with two circles about 4 inches in diameter.

Once the felt has been rolled up, glue it all together on the bottom with some hot glue or fabric glue.

I liked the orange and black flowers so much that I decided to make some black and purple ones too.  After you've created a bunch of flowers, attach them to your wreath in a pleasing fashion.  I decided to also add some leftover translucent ribbon (which can be added before or after your flowers--ah the magic of hot glue!).  

This wreath ended up costing just a few dollars when all was said and done and the only trouble I ran into during the project is that I added so many flowers, that the wreath didn't want to hang straight. :)

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