Monday, September 21, 2015

Dripped Alcohol Ink Vase

Most of my alcohol ink projects lately have involved stamping the ink onto the surface, I felt it was high time I did some more drip projects. I even bought myself some glass eye droppers, but I didn't end up using them with the rubbing alcohol/blending solution because the drips were turning out so nice and vivid that I didn't want them to blend.

I flipped the vase over so I could drip from the bottom, and I started out going around my vase with a bright shade of blue (sailboat blue). I made a point to drip lines of different lengths so the finished product wouldn't look too uniformly stripey.

Next I added some green (clover) and some purple (purple twilight). I just continued to drip around the vase with each color in varying lengths, filling in as I went.

Then I added some red (watermelon), some orange (sunset orange), a little lime green (citrus), and a little pink (raspberry) before coming back with the colors I used first (the blue and green) to finish filling in the top of the vase (the bottom in the picture).

I used colors from three different sets of bright alcohol inks (dockside picnic, valley trail, and summit view). I really liked how bright and colorful it turned out (it looks even prettier in person than it does in the photograph). Now I just need to seal it with some acrylic sealer so I can start using it for flowers!

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